AQARIOS: Unleash quantum, the realistic way

Bridging the Gap from Business to Quantum

Immerse yourself in Aqarios‘ solutions, designed for the most complex business challenges. Our unique framework intelligently determines the most appropriate computing system for your needs, drawing on an extensive range of quantum, hybrid and classical platforms.

We emphasize tangible, realistic applications within your business landscape, freeing you from grappling with intricate quantum mechanics, qubits, and complex APIs.


Navigate quantum with automated ease

For every user, regardless of expertise: Our quantum platform enables automated solutions that allow users to effortlessly leverage quantum approaches without the need for expertise in the underlying quantum technology. Experience the full power and potential of quantum computing with ease.

For domain experts

For experts in application areas, who do not have a technical background, Aqarios provides learning materials and intuitive user interfaces to help them discover how quantum can revolutionize their business.

For software developers

Aqarios provides frameworks and assistance for software developers familiar with classical paradigms who want to evaluate the power of quantum or transition to quantum technologies.

For quantum specialists

Experts in quantum computing can more easily access quantum hardware, deploy their own quantum approaches, or benefit from our portfolio of cutting-edge and novel quantum algorithms.


Harness quantum’s potential with expert guidance

Dive into the transformative world of quantum computing: Aqarios guides businesses across the threshold of this next technological frontier, providing solution for critical challenges like climate change, pandemics, energy grids, drug development, financial modeling, supply chain management, and many more.


Empower your business with quantum computing: Aqarios solves a wide range of challenges, from optimizing shift timetables and robotic arm routes to maximizing stock portfolios. Whatever the problem, Aqarios is here to provide tailored solutions for your success.


Efficient solutions for your unique needs: We systematically identify formulations, provide practical approximations, and evaluate complexity to deliver the best approach. Consider us your partner in cost-effective, scalable problem-solving.


Unlocking solutions with precision: We provide customized problem transformations, employ state-of-the-art approximate methods and AI-based estimations, and carefully select the most appropriate algorithm from our extensive portfolio of cutting-edge solutions.


Optimizing quantum hardware selection: Aqarios evaluates computational power, connectivity, scalability, and stays up-to-date with quantum hardware advancements to deliver the ideal solution tailored to our customers‘ specific requirements.

Rooted in excellence:
A spin-off from LMU Munich’s QAR-Lab

Originating from the esteemed QAR-Lab at LMU Munich, Aqarios is built on more than seven years of dedicated quantum research. Our lineage ensures that our clients benefit from profound expertise, providing a meticulous approach to assist them in harnessing the benefits of quantum technology for their businesses.

Trusted by organizations worldwide

Navigate the Quantum Era with Confidence!

Discover automated solutions and intuitive interfaces on our quantum platform. Regardless of your background, Aqarios empowers you to unlock the full potential of quantum computing. Join the quantum revolution and navigate your business challenges effortlessly.
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